Proposed legislation would affect donor-advised funds

Recent legislation introduced in Congress would reform federal law and change the way donor-advised funds (DAFs) are required to distribute funds. The Accelerating Charitable Efforts Act (ACE) would modify the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, establishing a timeline for distributions from DAFs to working charities. The ACE would create two new types of DAFs: 15-year […]

An innovative way to give

When Marcus Kawaja, Class of 2025, began his college search, parents Wendy Holcombe and Carl Kawaja of San Francisco thought WashU might be a good fit. “It seemed like a great university, and it had a really good feel,” says Wendy. “I had a dear friend from college whose mom worked at WashU. I heard […]

Time to Surrender? Reasons to relinquish your CGA

What is a CGA? A charitable gift annuity, or CGA, can be a mutually beneficial gift arrangement for both the donor and charitable organization. The most common life income gift, a CGA is funded with a gift of cash or marketable securities, and provides a fixed payment rate for up to two annuitants—the donor, donor’s […]

Donating Cryptocurrency – FAQs

What are the potential tax benefits of donating crypto? Donating crypto directly to charity can save you money on two types of taxes: Avoid paying any capital gains tax on your crypto gains.  Receive a federal income tax deduction for the full value of your crypto (state and local income tax deductions may also be […]