A message from our co-chairs

Dear fellow volunteers, Thank you for being active ambassadors for the university we all hold so dear. We are excited to share the latest news about Make Way: Our Student Initiative. WashU recently celebrated its 162nd commencement. Another group of ambitious graduates has joined generations of alumni who are changemakers in their careers and their […]

Why I Give: Merry Mosbacher, MBA ’82

Giving back is part of who I am. My father died when I was 8 years old, and my mother raised my sister and me as a single mom. She went back to work, but she also was always volunteering. I learned at a young age to raise my hand. We may not have had […]

Fundraising update

We are pleased to share the latest fundraising progress for Make Way: Our Student Initiative. This initiative publicly launched on October 6, 2022, and gifts for Make Way’s top priorities since January 1, 2019 are included in the totals.

Tips for sharing your own Make Way story

Why do you believe it is mission critical for WashU to increase scholarships and funding for student support? Perhaps you received financial aid or benefitted from career services? Or maybe you wish offerings for student success had been more robust while you were a student. Sharing your own story—and sharing your motivation to support Make […]

The impact of my scholarship: Carrie A. Johnson, AR ’89

I received a full scholarship to Washington University, and that gift changed my life. I recognize and appreciate it every day. My time at WashU ignited my intellectual curiosity. I was surrounded by people who loved learning, and I discovered new ways of thinking. Those experiences laid the foundation for my career and inspired my […]