As an expression of our appreciation, the William Greenleaf Eliot Society is pleased to offer you a variety of membership privileges. Please note, however, the IRS requires that the deductible amount of your gift must be reduced by the aggregate fair market value of all benefits you choose to accept even if you do not use them. You are allowed to take benefits of up to 2% of your total gift or $117.00, whichever is less, without being required by the IRS to reduce your gift deduction. These regulations apply only to U.S. Federal Income Taxes.

Please review the fair market value listed for each benefit below and indicate your choice(s) by checking the appropriate box(es). You may choose to decline all benefits that hold substantial fair market value.

We assume you decline all benefits unless you specifically request them.

Eliot Society Benefits Request Form

Declining fair market value benefits

Available Benefits

Whittemore House Application
Fair Market Value = $0
University Libraries
Fair Market Value = $0
Sumers Recreation Center Access
Fair Market Value of Center Access = $400; Fair Market Value of Center Access for Faculty/ Staff = $200; Fair Market Value of Visitor Pass = $10
Danforth Campus Parking Permits

Car Information for Eliot Society Visitor Parking Permit

You are required to have a zone assignment through Parking & Transportation in order to receive a daily-use permit. If you select the parking benefit, you will be issued an Eliot Society voucher to present to Parking & Transportation. The Eliot Society voucher can be applied toward the cost of your daily-use parking permit. The Eliot Society voucher may not apply to every permit type.