Scholarship giving makes the Washington University experience more accessible and changes students’ lives for the better. As part of their Senior Class Gift, the Class of 2021 created a scholarship fund to support future WashU students. Four recipients were chosen from the Class of 2025.

Peter Beck

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Major: Undeclared, interested in political science or philosophy: law and policy
Activities and interests: Pre-Law Society, Debate Team, taking walks around campus and St. Louis

“Thank you for your generosity and continued support of students. It is a true indication of the Class of 2021’s love for WashU that you have continued to ensure the ability of students to attend our great university without extreme financial burden. I hope that I can enjoy many of the same experiences that you did during your time here. I will devote my time to contributing and living up to the university’s greater model for students.”

Jamie Burgasser, receipient of the Class of 2021 Scholarship

Jamie Burgasser

Hometown: Oakland, California
Major: Mechanical engineering
Activities and interests: Varsity softball, practicing pitching, spending time with teammates

“Thank you so much for my scholarship! It is so meaningful to my family and me that I have received this support, and I’ll be sure to use it wisely.”

Cynthia Chong, receipient of the Class of 2021 Scholarship

Cynthia Chong

Hometown: Chesterfield, Missouri
Major: Undeclared, interested in marketing or organization and strategic management
Activities and interests: Taiwanese Student Organization, Strive for College, Women’s Empowerment in Business

“My sincerest gratitude goes to the Class of 2021 alumni and their parents who have made a college education possible for me through the Class of 2021 Scholarship. My family and I definitely could not have afforded WashU without financial aid and scholarships. I am now at WashU and making it my home, and all this would not have been possible without your generous gift. Thank you for supporting and investing in my education.”

John Tischke, receipient of the Class of 2021 Scholarship

John Tischke

Hometown: Hinsdale, Illinois
Major: Communication design
Activities and interests: Swim team, Outing Club, Armour magazine

“I am immensely grateful to the parents and alumni who awarded me this scholarship, and I am honored to be one of only four students chosen. With your support, I will be granted a nonpareil education. I wish to share my deepest thanks with everyone who made this possible.”