Zach and Krista Gietl Challenge

For every new donor, Zach and Krista will contribute $100 toward our Class Gift. And, if our class reaches 50 new donors, they will make a gift of $25,000.

Zach and Krista Gietl Bio

As high school seniors looking at universities, we wanted what every young adult wants; a sense of belonging, to fit in. Although we both grew up in Central Illinois, we had vastly different high school experiences that led us to consider Wash U as our home for 4+ years, and yet the draw was the same. Of course, what immediately draws one in is the beauty of the campus and the prestige of the education that one will receive, but the intangibles are what makes Wash U a truly great institution and what really makes it a home (or, the “Wash U bubble” as many remember it). One example is the sense of community we all shared – you usually ran into someone you knew everywhere you went, but with such a diverse student population and set of experiences you also met someone new wherever you went.

As far as our studies go, we both leaned in to the paths we chose as first-year students. Zach earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Accounting, both in 2012.  On campus, he was very involved with the Olin school, serving as President (among other roles) of Delta Sigma Pi, Co-Leading Olin’s Spotlight Weekend, and was a TA for many courses.  He also served as an RA for freshmen for two years. Krista earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering in 2013 and a Master of Science in Systems Science and Mathematics in 2014. Outside of class, Krista was involved in Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Eta Mu Beta, and was a TA or tutor for many classes and subjects.  

Class of 2012 Gift Committee

The following alumni served on our Class Gift committee in 2022 and played a vital role in our fundraising efforts. Our combined Class Gift commemorated our Reunion year and provided resources that will have a positive impact on students for many years to come.

Lawrence Ansehl, AB ’12, co-chair
Zachary Gietl, BS ’12, GB ’12 co-chair
Erika Stewart, AB ’12, co-chair

After finishing school in 2012, Zach joined the Audit practice at Deloitte, where he spent the first 6.5 years of his career. In 2019 he joined Edward Jones as a Sr. Department Leader in Operations, and continues to enjoy his expanding role. Post-graduation, Krista joined MilliporeSigma where she is currently Head of Digital & eCommerce Analytics. 7 years in, she has enjoyed a variety of analytics and data science based roles and is looking forward to continued growth and experience at MilliporeSigma.

One funny thing about how we met because everyone assumes it was at Wash U: We actually did not meet on campus! Zach swears that he remembers seeing Krista around, since we overlapped for 3 years on the South Forty while Zach was an RA, but we never interacted. We actually met at the Paul McCartney concert at Busch Stadium in 2016 and the rest is history! The thing that got us talking was that we both went to Wash U, and we agreed that we needed to meet up again to talk about our experiences, knowing that while they were inevitably very different given our different majors and hobbies, we would connect over our shared experiences and those intangibles that make Wash U a home.

The experience that a Wash U education provides is ineffable. We were fortunate to be blessed by scholarships and financial support that made attendance not only possible, but enjoyable, knowing that we would not be burdened by extensive loans upon graduation. Beyond education, though, is an experience that truly helps to shape the adult one is becoming. Not only is the curious mind encouraged to learn, but the curious soul is encouraged to explore. The access to nearly immeasurable amounts of extracurricular clubs, events, teams and groups really rounds out the experience that we all hold so dearly. Our desire is that any student with the ability and desire to attend Washington University is afforded the opportunity to benefit from all it has to offer. It’s our turn to give back now. We simply can’t imagine our lives without it, and as you consider giving back to the place that gave so much to you, we ask you: How different would your life be if you had not been financially able to attend Washington University?


Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 2012 meet its goal, and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.

Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Elana Abraham 
Daniel S. Alstadt 
Uchechukwu Arizor 
Daniel N. Arteaga 
Marissa Barnathan 
Alexandra Fernandez Barranger 
Mitchel F. Bartel 
Kelly Fahy Barthold 
Ariel Baugh 
Lamar A. Baxter 
Baltazar C. Benavides 
Michael K. Benefiel 
Amanda Bilski 
Kelsey Binder 
Jenny  Bortnick 
Natalie Callaghan 
Naomi Campbell 
Jill Carlson 
Lauren Chelew 
Kevin B. Chen 
Alanna Cooney 
Alexander S. Cooper 
Jeremy  Cramer Gibbs 
Bryn E. Cranmer 
Whitney Crooks 
Zachary M. Cupkovic 
Sarah Deitz  
John J. Delurey 
Amanda Sabele Dollinger 
Justin D. Dollinger 
Evan G. Dorshorst 
Stephanie Drahozal 
Kelly East 
Max R. Eisenberg 
Marci Engel 
Luisa Errichetti 
Jamie Falbe 
Emily Feder 
Donesh V. Ferdowsi 
Carissa Ferguson 
Ashli Florek 
Katherine Foster 
Daniella Gafen 
Gregory W. Gerold 
Zachary A. Gietl 
Alannah Glickman 
Jennifer Goldberger 
Andrew Y. Gottlieb 
Mari Greenberg 
Julia Greenberger 
Jill Greenfield 
Robert M. Hadick 
Scott H. Hampton 
David L. Handloss-Stern 
Mary Julia Hannon 
William M. Hannon 
Candice Harden 
Emily Heller 
Marc D. Hendel 
Samantha Higer Grunes 
Nicholas S. Hillard 
Cameron J. Hinkel 
Stacey Hoffman 
Austin P. Hope 
Jonathan D. Howard 
Alessandra Hruschka 

Ingold  Huang 
Robyn Husa 
Andrea Hutner 
Erica Jackey 
Peter  Jebson 
Marcus  Jecklin 
Stephen S. Johnson 
Gregory R. Jones 
Jessica Jones 
Alyssa Kaitz 
Joshua R. Kallman 
Tiffany Kang 
David H. Kanoff 
Simona Kaplan 
Lauren Katz 
Lauren Keblusek 
Preethi Kembaiyan 
Julie Kennedy 
Channa Kim 
EJ Kim 
Brian A. Knudsen 
Matthew W. Konigsberg 
Jonathan L. Kornblau 
Jonathan L. Kovacs 
Erin Kristovich 
James T. Krone 
Lauren Krone 
Maia Lamdany 
Andrew L. Larson 
Grace Lee 
Taylor Levy 
Kevin Z. Li 
Alan R. Liu 
Xiaoyu Lu 
Juan J. Manfredi Jr.
Phoebe Marcinek 
Kelly Markwalter 
Jack T. Marshall 
Amy Maurer 
Suzanne Mazhuvanchery 
Elizabeth Owens McCormick 
Marcia McIntosh 
Evan S. Mendelsohn 
Eric H. Messinger 
Lisa Miller 
Kirsten Miller 
Lauren Miller 
Sarah Miller 
Timothy B. Miller 
Courtney Millian 
Paul Gabriel D. Morales 
Michael  Mosbacher 
Emily Moseley 
Bernell M. Nevil III
Patrick C. Ng 
Derek M. Ngai 
Jeremiah  O’Driscoll 
Sheri Omozokpea 
Priya Parikh 
Alex  Poon 
Anthony  Popeo 
Adam G. Potter 
Edward A. Poyo 
Elyse Knopf Propis 
Samuel P. Propis 
Nisa Qais 

Wenbo  Qi 
Isaac D. Radnitzer 
William D. Restemayer 
Samantha Restemayer 
Elizabeth Riley 
Dylan  Roman 
Jeremy S. Rose 
Paula Rose 
Natalie Rufat 
Sanah Sabharwal 
Adam E. Sadaka 
The Saylak Family   
Clare Schroder 
Eric  Schwartz 
Sunny Seelamsetty 
Joshua D. Segura 
David M. Seigle 
Jake W. Seymour 
Bryan R. Shalloway 
Iris Shelly 
Dana Sherman 
Angela Shin 
Nick  Shulevitz 
Harrison M. Siegel 
Madelyn Silber 
Alexa  Di Fiore Simon 
Steven L. Simon 
Sonia Singh 
Daniel H. Sirotkin 
Diamond Skinner 
Kristen Cardenas Sleight 
Jillian Smith 
Matthew M. Snider 
Kenneth D. Sommer 
Srun  Sosothikul 
Joshua S. Stein 
Erika Stewart 
Elisabeth Stocking 
Corey D. Stone 
Patricia Strutz 
Elizabeth Sugg 
Emma Eisemann Temkin 
Will A. Thomas 
Nicholas  Thornburg 
Kathryn Trumbo 
Rebecca Tsevat 
Simon R. Tucker 
Samir R. Unni 
Bradley J. Valtman 
Lauren Van Dyke 
Erin Van Trease 
Anna Vanatta 
Michelle Vivian 
Maxwell L. Walker 
Adira Weixlmann 
Steven  White 
Jessica Kritt White 
Celso A. White 
Victoria Williams-Ononye 
Veronica Willis 
Lu  Yang 
Jason S. Young 
Joshua S. Yudkin 
Kathryn Zekus 
Becky Zhao