For every new donor who makes a gift of any size, Tim and Erica will contribute $100. And, if our class reaches 50 new donors, they will make a gift of $30,000 toward our Class Gift.

Class of 2007 Gift Committee

Jennifer Beasley, AB ’07, co-chair
Lauren Freeman, AB ’07, co-chair
Aaron Mangold, AB ’07, co-chair
Erica Murphy, AB ’07
Timothy Murphy, AB ’07, co-chair
Rebecca Silverman, AB ’07

Murphy Bio

We really have WashU to thank for two things. The first is a world-class education in a welcoming, collaborative, supportive environment. Never did we feel like anyone in the community was doing anything other than pulling for our success. This showed up with professors, staff, and fellow students. 

The second is a set of lifelong friends. Most important, WashU was where we met each other in the halls of Third Floor Lein (TFL!), and we also built a wonderful network that is still central to our social lives today. These are friendships that we know will last a lifetime. 

As engaged WashU alums, we hope to be able to extend these opportunities to the next generation. It’s our hope that our contributions to the university might in some small way facilitate a student’s experience at WashU. We would encourage anyone who is thinking about giving to consider that their gift could make the difference in a student’s life, both academically and socially. 


Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 2007 meet its goal, and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.

Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Brandi Adams 
Oyinlolu O. Adeyanju 
Allison Ambrose 
Alexis Ambrose 
Samantha Armstrong 
Lindsey Balogh 
Deborah Balters 
Danielle Barav-Johnson 
Liza Baron 
Gregory W. Bartram 
Jennifer Beasley 
Maurice L. Bland 
Angela Bodnar 
Megan Bowen 
Hilary Brazeal 
Jonathan D. Breshears 
Dallas Bryson 
Ryon S. Buchman 
David B. Cahn 
Remy Lapidus Cahn 
Paul  Chandanabhumma 
Angela Goldstein Cohen 
Kylia Cunningham Combs 
Anne Kristol Continetti 
Courtney Cooper 
Richard D. Crowley 
Jennifer Davis 
Sara Oetjen Dunham 
Emily Eisenberg 
Silvia Cambronero Eufinger 
Matthew E. Fenn 
Lee A. Finkelstone 
Erin Fleming 
Jessica Frankel 
Lauren Freeman 
James W. Galloway-Reed 
Joel M. Gamoran 
Kiani Gardner 
Judge E. Gardner III
Lindsey Glucksman 
Daniel J. Goldstein 
Jordan T. Goodman 
Sam M. Gordon 
Jennifer Gottlieb 
Lauren Grady 
Katie Grafstein 
Andrea Kass Graham 
Megan Swider Groves 
Kendrick B. Gwynn 
Riley Haemer 
Damara Hamlin 
Adam D. Hargrove 
Vanessa Hawkins 
Cecily Stewart Hawksworth 
Samuel C. Haywood 
Nathaniel E. Heigert 
Elizabeth Nichols Hemphill

Emily Henkel 
Henry  Huang 
Alexandra Kennedy Hubbell 
Joyce Hwu 
Olufolajimi W. Ige 
Kathryn Jones  
Sheetal Joshipura 
Richard  Juang 
Fahr M. Juneja 
Thomson Y. Kao 
Jeff  Kennedy 
Brandon T. Kerne 
Aaron J. Keyak 
Tyler M. King 
Loren Guttman Klein 
David S. Kramer 
Allison Rader Krepel 
Brandon M. Krepel 
Sally Preminger Kudert 
Nivedita Kulkarni 
Cristin Kumar 
Mary Roasmond Kunnath 
Sarah Laaff 
Maurine Laborde 
Jonathan D. Lane 
Dong H. Lee 
Adam J. Leong 
Jason K. Lewis 
Melissa Tevik Lichtenberger 
Sarah Lichtenstein 
Nicholas J. Lizanich II
David A. Long Jr.
Margaret Ma 
Felipe P. Macia 
Andrea Martinez Mahon 
Aaron R. Mangold 
Emily Martis 
Katherine Maschmeyer 
Nikki Matters 
Patrick T. McCarthy 
Brian L. McIntosh 
Stefanie Miller 
Paul V. Moceri 
Nina Molden 
Jordan S. Moss 
Joshua A. Mule 
Erica Murphy 
Timothy C. Murphy 
Alexandra Nathanson 
Elizabeth Neukirch 
Jeri Ni 
Kana Yamamoto Pankey 
Mr. Stanley Gold Parker
Ms. Ashley Gold Parker 
Thomas J. Paskvan 
Ben J. Pasquier 
Amy Wu Pimentel 

Jonathan  Pinyan 
Thomas A. Poccia 
Jessica Pryde 
Samuel A. Raboy 
Brent Ramerth & Kalinda Lisy 
Matthew E. Rappaport 
Sherrie Fowler Rippe 
Brendon T. Rippe 
Matthew J. Rosenberg 
Shilpa Rupani 
Umar S. Sadiq 
Mark H. Sawyier 
Shelby Scudder 
Evan C. Sharp 
James G. Shaw 
Jonathan C. Shelley 
Brynn Sherman 
Andrew J. Shields 
Bradley L. Shoss 
Danya Shults 
Steven M. Silverberg 
Rebecca Silverman 
Allison Silvers 
Russell S. Sims 
Puneet Singh 
Erin Smith-Lanyon 
Sumit  Som 
Jason A. Sperling 
Sangita Sudharshan 
Juliana Sung 
Steven A. Swartz 
Tracy Takeyama Tapiero 
Claire Tassin 
Sarah Thomson 
Alexander  Trench 
James E. Tucker 
Monica Vajani 
Carole Mitchell Valencia 
Mark  Verity 
Ray M. Wagner 
Eve Wasserman 
Eric M. Wasserstrum 
Simon A. Waters 
Tasha Waters 
Margaret Watson  
Spencer D. Wein 
Jamie Weinstein 
Geneva Brundage Williams 
Brian L. Wolfe 
Kandyce St. Clair Woods 
Natalie Wu 
Michael X. Yang 
Yehua Yang 
Kwabena A. Yeboah