Hal and Allison Mintz Bio

We can’t believe it’s been 30 years since we graduated from WashU. It was the place where we met and our life together began. We have so many wonderful memories and happy times from our college days. The foundation for our professional careers was born at the school of business; I became a CPA until I retired to be a stay at home mom to raise our daughter Abby and son Sam, while Hal got the start of his career in finance from a connection he made through a finance professor and alumnus. For the past 30 years he has worn many hats from that of floor trader, proprietary trader, and managing partner of numerous hedge funds—including Sabby Management, a healthcare fund he founded and managed for the past 10 years.

WashU gave us a comprehensive education that laid the foundation for the opportunities we have enjoyed in our lifetime. Without the substantial scholarship and financial aid programs provided by alumni and corporate partners, Hal never would have had the opportunity to attend the university. Likewise, the diversity of the current study body and the emergence as a premier global center for research and higher learning over the past 30 years is a function of financial support given by those who make up the Wash U community. Our financial commitment to the school and participation in this challenge is our way of saying thank you for four special years we spent in St Louis. Please consider making a contribution so that our alma mater continues to excel in providing special opportunities for all that deserving.

Hal and Allison Mintz Challenge

For every new donor who makes a gift of any size, Hal and Allison will contribute $100. And, if our class reaches 50 new donors, they will make a gift of $300,000 to our Class Gift.

Class of 1992 Gift Committee

Amit Advani, BSBA ’92, chair
Scott Landau, AB ’92   
Sabrina McGirt, BSBA ’92      
Debbie Michelson Fuger, BSBA ’92
Mari Philipsborn, AB ’92
Corey Rosemond, BSBA ’92
Susan Schatten, AB ’92
Dan Serig, BFA ’92


Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 1992 and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.

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Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Alan M. Aaron 
Lauren Menachem Aaron 
Benjamin S. Abella 
Kent A. Absalonsen 
Robert E. Adler 
Constance Adler 
Amit  Advani 
Libby Allman & Scott Ruland 
John & Diane Altmix 
Dagvin R. Anderson 
Jill Brodie Asrael 
David M. Badal 
Carol Anne St. Louis Barrett 
Kyle C. Barry 
Tracy Hammer Bauer 
Sharon Conner Bebout 
Kevin I. Berg 
Corey N. Berger 
Heidi Betz 
William A. Bey 
Leslie Blauner 
Marci Rose Borenstein 
Jacob W. Brodie 
William H. Bron 
Erica Brooks 
Holly Brown-Berfield 
Erika Bruce 
Robert D. Bruce Jr.
Elaine Shulman Bucher 
ShaAvhree Buckman-Garner 
Brian I. Buehling 
Robert B. Burch 
Virginia Bute-Riley 
Caroline Hughes Cahill 
Dustin  Carfield 
Marjorie Carr 
Lori Rodenski Carson 
Karin Cesario 
Aaron K. Chamberlain 
Belinda Chen 
Yi-Mei Cheng 
Christine Butcher Clark 
Jeffery H. Clark 
Elena Feldman Clouser 
Mark F. Cohen 
Joel C. Crabb 
Lorrie Ackerman Cranor 
George E. Crow III
James W. Cullison 
Robin Sadker Daugherty 
Lori Tilkin Defelice 
Linda Domeyer 
Adam R. Draizin 
Woodrow T. Duncan 
Lisa Dungy 
Seth H. Eisner 
Ken C. Elder Jr.
Gregory H. Emmens II
Stephanie Erber 
Heather Erhard 
Beatrice Ellis Fine 
Craig L. Finger 
Michael J. Fischer 
Jodi Fisher 
Amy Wallace Folkins 
Carrie Brown Freehling 
Evan A. Friedel 
Elise May Frohsin 
Fiona Gallahue 
Ruel B. Garcia 
Steven T. Geist 
Berhanu A. Getahun 
Jeffrey A. Gherardini 
James K. Goldfarb

Scott D. Goldman 
Barry R. Goldstein 
Anand U. Gowda 
Aaron G. Grand 
Craig B. Green 
Emily Newman Greenspan 
Jill Gressin 
Andrew T. Grossman 
Alyson Sivak Grossman 
Stephanie Gulkin Gulkin Satz 
Dena Firebaugh Guth 
Tracy Roe Haffner 
David A. Haggstrom 
Ralph H. Hall 
Stacey Samole Harris 
Janet Hartka 
Jeremy P. Hawk 
Cristina Hazar 
Zachary D. Hemmelgarn 
Hattie Henderson 
Randi Bloom Hernandez 
Stacey L. Hightower 
Cynthia Schwartz Hopkins 
Scott A. Hufford 
Chanda Jackson 
Jay & Kelly Jacobs 
Michelle Jarvis 
Kimberly Jessie 
Sarah Julien 
Jody Kaban 
Nicole & Darin Kaplan 
Aurora Esquela Kerscher 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kilo 
Dr. John F. DiPersio
Dr. Allison Ann King 
Sobia Kirmani-Moe 
Tara Kolff Kolff Shehab 
Carla Koretsky 
Andrew D. Krackov 
Scott E. Landau 
Kevin S. Lapidus 
Nancy Smolensky Lapidus 
Annemarie Meagher Lee 
Kevin J. Leff 
Michelle Rifkin Leitner 
Jonathan E. Lerner 
Michael W. Lichtenberg 
Lisa Lindauer 
Robert R. Lindsey 
Kelly Linson 
Shari Litow 
Christine Graffis Long 
Pamela Schock Luskin 
Alexander J. Lyssenko 
Walter K. MacGillivray 
Melissa Samuelson Mannle 
John S. Maul 
Robert C. McKelvey 
Stephen E. McRae 
Marla Mellon 
Steven J. Melnick 
Leslie Shaw Melnick 
Debbie Michelson Fuger 
Andi Milens 
Merritt Miller 
Hal & Allison Mintz 
Kristen Mitchell 
Adrienne Felder Mittelman 
Bryan E. Mittelman 
Farnaz Moazzam 
The Moellenhoff Family
Adrian Moore 
Christopher W. Mullen 
Carl L. Nelson 


Kristina Niedringhaus 
John E. Norlin 
Mr. & Mrs. Luke J. O’Brien 
Kirk Ogrosky & Holly Barker
Joan Subar Papes 
Mitchell K. Parker 
Stefani Pashman 
Mari Philipsborn 
Gary A. Phillips 
Brian S. Poger 
Ian A. Post 
Jayson S. Prisand 
Wendy Nathan Rackley 
Christopher T. Rackley 
Jason L. Radick 
Dipak A. Rajhansa 
John P. McCormick &  Stephane’ Rebeck McCormick
Lisa Unker Reimer 
Linda Kreider Riak 
Eric S. Riak 
Alexander N. Rice 
Dale E. Riedl 
Karla Rodas-Israel 
Sherrie Rogoff 
Michael S. Rome 
Holly Rosenkrantz 
Joshua M. Rosenow 
Tobi Jasper Rousso 
Ivy Rubeck 
Elaine Rudolphi 
Andrew A. Ruffino 
Elizabeth Katz Samuelson 
Robert M. Sanford 
Kimberly Cooper Schachter 
Susan Schatten 
David E. Scheu 
Mark A. Schmitt 
Pam & Randy Schoenberg
Rob  Schwitz 
Felicia Shaw 
Robin Proper Siff 
Dave & Kristi Snyderman
Gary S. Solomon 
Daniel  Sovar 
Beanie & Drew Spangler
Athena Spencer 
Raymond F. Staples 
Srikanth A. Sundaram 
Leslie Pitts Thomas 
Bridget Timoney 
Ashish  Verma 
Neil A. Versel 
Kathrine Voshell 
Ann Harnly Wei 
Abby Weinstock 
Jennifer Weisbord 
Mitchell B. Weiss 
Christy Wells 
Dauria Turk Wheeler 
Elizabeth Williams 
Elizabeth Zopf Williams 
Kimberly Wilson 
George C. Wu                                              
Thora Thomsen Yoon 
Stephen S. Yoon 
Khadem M. Yusuf 
Eric L. Zagar 
Jessica Zander 
Kelly Zinser 
Todd C. Zubler