Join your Class Gift Committee

As a committee member, you’ll connect with your classmates and ask for their help in reaching our Class Gift goal. Our combined Class Gift commemorates our Reunion year and provides resources that will have a positive impact on current and future students.

We know a large percentage of our classmates are not able to attend in-person Reunion. The Class Gift allows alumni from around the world to participate in this milestone anniversary and committee members help us get the word out!

Class of 1982 Gift Committee

Erol Morey, AB ’82
Steven Segal, BSBA ’82, co-chair
Howard Steinberg, AB ’83, MBA ’83, co-chair
Alan Swimmer, AB ’82, co-chair
Cynthia Treece, AB ’82, MSW’83, co-chair


Jennifer DixonReunion Class Gift Program

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 1982 meet its goal, and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.


Show your WashU pride!

Snag these WashU essentials by making a gift to the Annual Fund. For your contribution of $15, we’ll send you a Washington University tote bag. Or give $50, and you’ll receive a tote-and-tumbler* combo! Hurry, there’s a limited number available. Gifts of any amount make a difference. In fact, contributions of $100 or less added up to $1.7 million last year. Those resources helped WashU create scholarships, improve academic programs, recruit and retain distinguished faculty, facilitate groundbreaking research, and much more.

Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Nishan  Akgulian 
Judith Miller Alligood 
Tim  Andrews 
Craig T. Basson 
Jack M. Becker 
Caryn Thall Becker 
James J. Bloch 
Lee S. Bloom 
Gregory A. Bologna 
Evelyn Bond 
Jeanne Bradford 
Thomas L. Brandt 
Darwin J. Brouwer 
Gordon R. Brown 
Mark S. Brown 
Gregory P. Brummett 
Suzanne Bradley Burack 
Susan Bradley Buse 
Paul E. Buse 
Donald R. Chewning 
Carlton W. Chun 
Ann Coble 
James H. Cohan 
Michael P. Cohen 
Jeffrey A. Cohn 
Angelo G. Corrubia Jr.
Winifred Crumrine 
Roberta Curtis 
John D. Davis 
John D. Dehart 
Neal E. Downing 
Lyndee Burt Downs 
Kaye McIntyre Drahozal 
Richard L. English 
Jan Estal Maberry 
Lori Feldman-Winter 
Steven J. Fischer 
Lee S. Fleischer 
Mary Lucarelli Frank 
Matthew W. Freeby 
Howard B. Freedman 
David K. Fremerman 
Melissa Frischling 
James W. Gamble 

Jane Glassett
Avram A. & Jill Glazer 
Lisa Goldberg 
Rise Goldstein 
Laurence F. Gordon 
Joseph A. Graf Jr.
Jonathan Green & Brenda Berry 
Clinton L. Greenstone 
James M. Grichnik 
Roger E. Griffin 
Drew & Sally Gross 
Evalyn Simon Grossman 
Benjamin  Gulli 
Rachel Haft 
Harlan B. Hagge 
Andrew W. Hait 
Lori Hale 
Patricia Fitzgerald Hannum

Alexander J. Hartray 
Patricia Rogers Hastings 
Adam I. Hauser 
Rhonda Krivosha Hauser 
Lawrence J. Hayward 
James L. Helman 
Jan Herweg 
Linda Holekamp 
Risa Honig 
Dale S. Horne 
John E. Hutchens 
Ubong Ituen 
Gerald S. Johnson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Karmin 
Kathy Garber Kartalis & George Kartalis 
Jeffrey H. Katz 
Marjorie Kim 
Debra Hutchins Kincaid 
Steven & Jill Kramer 
Debra Kulik 
James A. Kutchin 
Sanford L. Lapin 
Eric M. Larson 
Larry A. Levine 
Robin Levis 
Bryan E. Liss 
Frank T. Litton Jr.
Richard W. Lockard 
Gary M. Lubin 
Wendy Miller Lubin 
Sylvia Kugelman Manewith 
Daniel T. Manoogian 
John P. Margolis AIA
Sue Marzuola 
Brian H. Mayhew 
Rolfe C. McCoy 
B.C.  McKinney 
Elizabeth McKnight 
Craig E. McKown 
Patrick W. McLear 
Francine Lieber Mendelowitz 
Donald S. Meringer 
Carol Flewellen Merritt 
Michael W. Meyers 
Jesse K. Miguel 
Lucia Miller 
Warren R. Moe 
Mike  Moores 
Erol D. Morey 
Jon H. Morikawa 
John D. Morningred 
Titia Mulder 
Karl F. Narveson 
Nina Needleman 
Beth Niemi 
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Oertli 
Donald J. Pak 
Gary N. Palais 
Nancy Nulman Persons 
Timothy E. Persons 
William L. Pierron 

Ellen Pint 
Santiago A. Plurad Jr.
Cynthia Pontier 
Forbes D. Porter 
Caryl Ferber Poser 
Andrea Eschweiler Rendleman 
Marc V. Richards 
Adam R. Ritzer 
Pamela Roberts 
Paul J. Robin 
Donna Cheatham Robinson 
Joshua H. Rosenbluth 
Jeff A. & Lisa Kaplan Rosenkranz 
John M. Rovison Jr.
Daniel J. Rudy 
Michael S. Salem 
Keith A. Salzman 
Erie Sampson 
Daniel K. San Miguel 
Bryce T. Sanders 
Jeffrey S. Schechter 
Nathan E. Schroeder 
Debra Perski Schwartz 
Elizabeth Jones Seebach 
Steven & Ellen Segal 
Stephen J. Shillington 
Rachel Shu 
Verneta Simon 
San Hla Smith 
Mark P. Smith 
Alison Snyder 
Sik H. Soh 
Douglas L. Somers 
Howard & Cynthia Steinberg 
Charles D. Stephens 
Jeffrey K. Suess 
William C. Sullivan Jr.
Steven M. Taibl 
Mark P. Tanenbaum 
Mr. & Mrs. William Taylor, Sr 
Edward B. Tranin 
Cynthia Scott Treece 
Stephanie Wehrman Van Ulft 
Ramon  Verdaguer 
Rikke Vognsen 
Michael W. Voligny 
Eric R. Wapnick 
Elizabeth Watkins 
Allen J. Weggemann 
Anthony R. Whitaker 
Joy Nelkin Wieder 
Scott  Wieder 
Stephen L. Winkler 
Patricia Griffin Witte  *
Martin H. Wolk 
Robert B. Yudkin 
Brian S. Zachariah 
Lisa Brusman Zaidel