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About the Windlands

Upon graduation from high school in the small Southern Illinois town of Mounds, Harry Windland enrolled in the Civil Engineering school at the University of Illinois. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering in 1961.  He was designated  a Distinguished Military Graduate of the Army ROTC,  commissioned  a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Ordnance Corps and served two years active duty. His thirty-year career in management at Illinois Bell Telephone Company included the design and construction of Network facilities, management of electromechanical and electronic switching systems, installation and maintenance of customer premises telephone equipment, as well as a variety of staff assignments. In 1985 Mr. Windland earned a Master’s Degree in Management Science from Maryville University in St. Louis.

Following his retirement from Illinois Bell he taught management and finance for four years at the College of DuPage in suburban Chicago and consulted on management training. After moving back to Southern Illinois in 1993 he researched and compiled the genealogy of his four grandparent lineages, participated in numerous historical reenactments, and worked as a volunteer for several not-for-profit organizations.

Carol Brouse Windland graduated from high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma in1966 and enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis that same year. Mrs. Windland graduated Cum Laude earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics in 1970. Her career included information systems management in the banking and telephone industries and as a self-employed realtor. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Systems and Data Processing in 1974 and a Master’s in Business Administration in 1988, all from Washington University.

Carol and Harry Windland
Carol and Harry Windland

Mr. Windland earned essentially all of his college expenses through a variety of jobs including washing dishes in exchange for meals, working in a traffic engineering laboratory and as a carpenter during the summers.  Mrs. Windland also held jobs on campus and in the dorm mail room as well as working during the summers. They are acutely aware of the conflicts that can arise between working, studying, and the pleasures of college life. It is their hope that this stipend will enable one student each year to focus on academics rather than on working and enable the student recipient to achieve an appropriate balance between all aspects of life at Washington University.

The Windlands sponsor an endowed scholarship and are loyal Eliot Society members. Carol has additionally given her time and expertise to Washington University through multiple volunteer roles with Reunion, the Eliot Society, and the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Advisory Board.

The Windlands live in Edwardsville IL. Both are retired from the business world and avidly pursue their interest in travel, having visited more than 180 countries.

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Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Class of 1970 Gift Committee

These alumni served on our Class Gift committee in 2020 and played a vital role in our fundraising efforts. Our combined Class Gift commemorated our Reunion year and provided resources that will have a positive impact on students for many years to come.

Christy Beckmann, AB ’70
David P. Conner, AB ’74
Gary H. Feder, AB ’70, JD ’74, LLM ’80
Kenneth M. Grandberg, AB ’70
George W. Johannes, BArch ’70, MFA ’73
Fred Mark Kuhlmann, AB ’70
Donald J. Marek Jr., BSBA ’70
Norman W. Pressman, AB ’70, JD ’74
Jay Reiter, BArch ’70, MFA ’72
Douglas D. Ritterskamp, AB ’70, JD ’73


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Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Deborah De Schweinitz Abbott 
Norma Murphy Arras 
Priscilla Parish Ashworth 
Frieda Atlas-Hall 
Kathleen Aubrey 
Eunice Weinhaus Bailis 
Jeffrey S. Balter 
Nancy Green Balter 
Sharon Speck Barcal  *
Richard L. Batterberry 
Judy Oliver Bauer 
Jay S. Bauer 
Marilyn Fischer Bauer 
Mary Beale 
JoAnn Clark Becker 
David C. Beckmann 
Christy Beckmann 
Esther Strenger Beckmann 
Ann Martens Bennett 
Howard C. Berk 
Natalie Holzman Bernardoni 
Bette Bonder 
Freida Brown 
Russell W. Brubaker 
Joan Bibbero Buckley 
Harry T. Bussmann III
Patrick F. Byrne 
David S. Cannon 
Ruth Cloudman 
Billie G. Cochran 
Susan Barnow Cohn 
John J. Condaxis 
David & Paulina Conner 
David M. Cook 
Robert C. Crandall 
Sharon Juneau Daroca 
James J. Davis III
Jean Davis 
Onita Knight Davis 
Richard A. Delman 
Gregory B. Denny 
Barbara Morgan Detjen 
David W. Detjen 
Dr. Michael D. Devous Sr.
V.J. Dickson 
Maureen Dightman 
Mim Harris Dixon 
Virginia Hespen Drewing 
Mary Trrer Edelman 
Laura Saiber Ehrlich 
Rachel Reby Eidelman 
Stanley B. Eisenhammer 
Cheryle Goldstein Faintich 
James R. Fair 
James M. Farrar 
Gary H. Feder 
Barbara Mills Fisher 
Morris E. Fleishman 
Frank B. Ford 
Jean D. & Michael W. Franke 
Robyn Hershenhorn Frankel 
Judith Roston Freilich 
Robert M. Garrett 
Lawrence J. Gibbons 
Alice Levy Ginsburgh 
Steven A. Ginsburgh 
Carol Adams Gleason 
Joan Goldstein 
Kenneth Grandberg & Marcy D’Agostine
Andrew  Greene 
David A. Grenader 
Hanford  Gross 
Michael L. Harris 
Carole Hatch PhD
Vernon L. Haug Jr.
Paul E. Hemmann 

Paul F. Herrera 
Jonathan A. Himmel 
Sarah Perelman Hoffman 
David C. Holtzman 
David A. Hume 
Joseph C. Imberman 
Barbara Janger 
David W. Johnson 
Linda Waring Johnson 
Robert C. Johnson III
Dennis C. Jones Jr.
Cheryl Dowd Jordan 
Cassondra Joseph 
Linda Kahn  *
Krishna  Kandarpa 
Howard Y. Karfeld 
Susanne Lyons Kass 
Joan Shapiro Katz 
Edward F. Kelly 
Judith Zippert Kelly 
Bruce R. Kelsey 
Laura Schiff Khailany 
Robert  Kinberg 
Karen King 
Joel S. Koransky 
John W. Kostyshock 
Stefan P. Kozak 
Keith V. Krell 
Mark & Barbara Kuhlmann 
J. R. Lacey 
Daniel S. Lane 
Donna Lanni 
David H. Lee 
John M. Lee 
Suzanne LaDoux Lee 
Joseph & Sandra Lehrer 
Bruce E. Lerner 
Ellen Wegusen Lieberman 
Sandra Shelton Lloyd 
Irene Reich Long 
Nancy & Dan Longo 
Sarah Stifler Lucas 
Jeffrey H. Mantel 
Donald J. Marek Jr.
Ina Marks 
Tracey & William Marshall 
Craig S. Maughan 
Gregory L. Mayer 
J. Scott  McDonald 
Ruth Smith McGowan 
Stephen J. Melman 
Linda Stout Meu 
Janice Warden Mill 
William J. Miller 
Lawrence S. Miner 
Nancy Hutchins Morgan 
Ross M. Morgan 
Ira  Moses 
Rosalyn Paul Moss  *
Irving D. Moy 
Moon H. Nahm 
Robert L. Newman 
Honoria Niehaus 
Andrew J. O’Neil 
Cheryl Kliefoth Ossenfort 
Wendy Cohn Packman 
John J. Parman 
Kathleen Poska Patterson 
Gene C. Peterson 
Susan Potter Pettit 
Patricia Emory Phelps 
William B. Pollard III
Michael F. Press 
Norman W. Pressman 
Susan Rosenblum Rabens 
Melinda Glasgow Rakoncay 

Rohini Ralby 
Ronald J. Rapoport 
Leslie Newman Reby 
Jay  Reiter 
Edward Y. Rice 
Susan Gilmore Richard 
Evann Dreiling Richards 
Douglas D. Ritterskamp 
Donald L. Roberts 
Fredell Pollak Rosen 
Marjorie Mintz Rosenbaum 
Hannah Roth 
Steve A. Rothman 
Susan Blume Rowland 
Mark D. Sander 
David L. Schau 
Gary  Schechter 
James H. Scheiner 
Robert G. Scheren 
Diane Levin Scherer 
Judith Feigon Schiffman 
R. L. Siegel 
Alexandra Calandra Siemon 
James R. Siemon 
Charlie* & Julie Simmons
Ned H. Simon 
Sheldon H. Smith 
Jay I. Solomon 
Donald F. Spak 
Elaine Spector-Christensen 
Jean Liebman Stein 
Daniel N. Stein 
Miriam Bernstein Steinberg 
Marjorie Herweg Stelmach 
Corinne Itkoff Stern 
Michael S. Sternberg 
Charles J. Stolar 
Andrea Zala Stout 
Lewis B. Strauss 
Raul  Suarez 
Michael C. Sullivan 
Gerald F. Swarzman 
W. F. Thal 
H. Sehnert Toombs 
Phyllis Goldfarb Traub 
Cynthia Futterer Tupper 
Lisa Smith Van Amburg 
Henry C. Vasconez 
Allen H. Vean 
Diana Baldwin Vick 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wagner 
Karen Hummel Waldman 
Susan Waldman 
Christy Reeder Walker 
L. A. Weakly 
Jo Ann Weinstein 
James B. West 
Mary Wiedl 
Gerald J. Williams 
Harry K. & Carol Brouse Windland 
Dennis C. Wolf 
David L. Woll 
Rebecca Reese Wurzburger 
Richard M. Borts & Paulette M. York 
Ronald P. Young 
Ben Zaricor* & Louise Veninga
Suzanne Clark Zatlin 
Mr. & Mrs. George Zimmer 
Jeannette Pichulik Zukor