We’re excited to welcome the Class of 1956 back to campus for your 65th Reunion! Last year was filled with obstacles, uncertainty, and cancellations, which makes us even more grateful for the support you and your classmates provided through your class gift.

If you missed the chance to give, your contribution will still count toward your class gift total and help current and future students attain a life-changing WashU education.

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 1956, and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.


Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Snag these grab-and-go essentials for your outdoor adventures by making a gift to the Annual Fund. For your contribution of $15, we’ll send you a Washington University tote bag. Or give $50, and you’ll receive a tote-and-tumbler* combo! Hurry, there’s a limited number available.  Gifts of all amounts make a difference. In fact, contributions of $100 or less added up to $1.7 million last year. Those resources helped WashU create scholarships, improve academic programs, recruit and retain distinguished faculty, facilitate groundbreaking research, and much more.  

Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, make your gift online today.

William H. Abbott 
Ethel Knight Adam 
Gerald L. Bader Jr.
George R. Banjak 
Mary Franklin Banks 
Sheldon C. Baron 
Emil E. Beier 
Ann Wilson Brown 
Edith Gould Brown 
John L. Busekrus 
Gloria Berger Cotlar 
Nancy Desatnick 
Cora Burry Devine 
Ralph  Edwards  *
Jean Williams Ehlers 
Mr.* & Mrs. William B. Eiseman, Jr.
Liliane Gurwith Endlich 
John W. Fisher 
James A. Garard 
William S. Gatley 
Charles H. Gold 
Phyllis Kelner Goldberg 
Charlene Dobinsky Goodman 
Shirley Smith Graham 
Patricia Hawks Helmkamp 
Nedra Riddle Hoester 
Paul A. Holdener 
Milton F. Hoskins 
Gene C. Jackson 
Dr. Ann Johanson  *
Leo J. Johnson 
Calvin C. Kam 
Joe J. KatterJohn 
Joan Rosen Katz 
Ernst P. Kieckers 
L. R. Killebrew 
Richard L. Kite 
Emroy J. Knaus PhD

Engelbert G. Knaus 
Joan Vogler Kniest 
Richard H. Kohrs 
Kenneth J. Lacho 
Leonard M. Landsbaum 
Ronald A. Leggett 
Suzanne Geil Leopold 
Robert L. Levin 
Peter W. Likes 
Fred W. Lindecke 
Martin M. Lipsitz  
Thomas G. Lloyd 
Susan Jones Luedde 
Lynn Oxenhandler Lyss 
Nancy Groves Manning 
Margaret McCormick-Ritter 
Albert H. Meier 
Charles A. Mennell 
Kurt  Metzl 
Jay L. Meyer 
Ronald E. Meyer 
Jerrold M. Meyers 
Mary Pedroja Morris 
Kate Hilliker Murashige 
Howard M. Nelson Jr.
Sanford S. Neuman 
Edward O. Nonweiler 
Norma Hauschild Padgett  *
Marvin G. Parker 
Biagio J. Pietroburgo 
Lenard L. Politte 
Harriett Kraemer Potenza 
Herbert  Raskas  *
Barry L. Reeves 
Rose Falzone Rhodes  *
Allan  Ried 
Beverly Barnes Rulon 
Naif D. Salman 
Max D. Sanders

Elizabeth Erdman Sandol 
Peter A. Saul 
Harvey G. Schneider 
Stephen J. Schneider 
Beverly Sherp Schraibman 
Vincent F. Schulte 
Carol Snodgrass Schultz 
Iwao W. Shiraki 
Suzanne & Jerry Sincoff 
Elizabeth Johnson Smith 
Margaret Reed Smith 
Jack S. Spilker  *
Robert R. Stiens 
R. Richard & Beverly Wallace Straub 
Alice Petersen Stringham 
Darlene Marvin Stromsdorfer 
John  Stuart 
Barbara Fretwell Susman 
Millard  Susman 
Patricia Rothrock Sustendal 
Eugene R. Syrewicz 
Raymond M. Taniguchi 
Thomas H. Teasdale  *
Emma Rosa Terry 
Barbara Joslin Thielemann 
William G. Tragos 
Elva Basse Tucker 
Robert T. Utz 
Christopher  Vlahoplus 
Jerry L. Wanninger 
Rolla K. & Anne B. Wetzel 
Carol Kolodny Winston 
Judith Taussig Wolters 
Heinz E. Zobel