Why do you believe it is mission critical for WashU to increase scholarships and funding for student support? Perhaps you received financial aid or benefitted from career services? Or maybe you wish offerings for student success had been more robust while you were a student.

Sharing your own story—and sharing your motivation to support Make Way—is the most powerful form of advocacy you can provide. Be sure to review the resources available to help you, our greatest ambassadors, introduce Make Way to your own network of WashU alumni, parents, and friends.

Get ready to share!

  • Familiarize yourself with the priorities of Make Way
  • Identify three primary messages you’d like to communicate
  • Bring in the experts if you need extra help
  • Use your own words and personal examples to explain the importance of this initiative
  • Find your “sweet spot” that allows you to speak with conviction
  • Practice
  • Go!


Mandi WalshSenior Associate Director, Campaign Inititatives & Engagement