I received a full scholarship to Washington University, and that gift changed my life. I recognize and appreciate it every day.

Carrie Johnson, AR ’89

My time at WashU ignited my intellectual curiosity. I was surrounded by people who loved learning, and I discovered new ways of thinking. Those experiences laid the foundation for my career and inspired my work to create design solutions that confront inequities and racism.

I give back to WashU because I believe a Washington University education opens doors to opportunity and equips students to become principled, innovative changemakers while at WashU and beyond. As a proud scholarship donor, I am excited about Make Way: Our Student Initiative because it is a profound investment in our collective future. It will enable current and future students to have an impact in our world and leave it a better place than they found it.

I want all students to graduate from WashU with a sense of responsibility and a plan to take action. I want them to stand up, speak out, and create change with their neighbors, friends, and even strangers. And I want them to have hope and to see that there are many possible ways of making a difference.