Leo Jacobs sitting in PT classroom

Leo Jacobs, DPT Class of 2025

By Matt Hampton Leo Jacobs is on a mission to help patients as a physical therapist — a quest that materialized after his grandfather was diagnosed with leukemia. The cancer impaired his mobility, strength, and balance. Leo was 15 and had a close relationship with his grandfather. Doctors said that exercise would help alleviate his […]

Chiby Onyeador

Chiby Onyeador, Class of 2025

As Chiby Onyeador tells it, he was sitting in his bedroom when his mom called him into the kitchen to take the phone. It was mid-February 2021, an unremarkable, sunny Los Angeles morning. All she said as she handed over the receiver was, “WashU’s calling.”  Chiby recalls being a bit bewildered, “Why the heck is […]

Samara Wilson

Samara Wilson, Class of 2025

Samara Wilson is a junior in Arts & Sciences, majoring in economics and American culture studies with a minor in business of entertainment. She’s also a Bear Ambassador and tour guide for admissions. She spent summer 2023 in St. Louis as an intern in University Advancement and as a residential program assistant for pre-college programs […]

Portia Nartey, MSW ’22, MSP ’22

Portia Nartey is the first in her family to complete high school, the first to complete college, and the first to attain a graduate degree. She was recently accepted in three competitive PhD programs and has a long-term professional goal to work for the United Nations. Growing up in Ghana, Portia saw how cultural barriers […]

Mishka Narasimhan, Class of 2024

Collaboration lies at the heart of Arts & Sciences at Washington University. It’s what binds together the seemingly disparate fields and researchers of this wide-reaching school. And medical humanities, a discipline which brings the insights of literature, history, philosophy, and the arts to the science of medicine, exemplifies these connections. Medical humanities was an unexpected […]

Lt. James Berry, MD Class of 2025

For James Berry, a second-year student at the School of Medicine, the next step in his naval career meant coming home to land-locked Missouri. “I used to do a lot of mountain climbing, but while I was deployed with the Navy on a ship, I couldn’t do much of that,” James says, chuckling. “So I […]

Leah Nason, MSW/MPH ’23

Leah Nason resolved to turn her burgeoning passion for public health into a career after witnessing an inspiring collaboration between public health practitioners and social workers during an undergraduate internship. While working for Action for a Better Community in Rochester, N.Y, she saw what was possible when professionals across the system pooled their expertise and […]

May Wang, BFA ’23

Whether she’s counseling first-year students, making animated films about the pandemic, or interning at a local museum, May Wang is not afraid of stepping outside her comfort zone. As a senior majoring in communication design in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, May plans to continue stretching and growing post-graduation. She sees […]

Emma McMillian, BS ’23

Emma McMillian was a sixth grader at Takoma Park Middle School when she realized she wanted to be a computer scientist. The magnet school, located near Washington, D.C., required all students to take an introductory course in the topic. It captured Emma’s interest beyond more traditional subjects, such as English or biology. “I remember sitting […]