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Nicholas Armstrong

Class of 2023, School of Law
Michael Schiff Family Scholar in Law

Fulfilling a desire to make a lasting impact

Nicholas Armstrong’s career in urban planning and development was off to a strong start even before he came to WashULaw. Now as a JD student, he is adding the skills and perspectives of the legal field to make a lasting and positive impact through his work.

Lawyers have a critical role to play in urban planning that truly strengthens and serves communities

Nicholas Armstrong

“Lawyers have a critical role to play in urban planning that truly strengthens and serves communities,” Nicholas says. At WashU, he’s building a deep knowledge of case law, precedent, and legal analysis, along with skills like negotiation, which lie at the heart of the field.

As a law student, Nicholas has been an editor of WashU’s Journal of Law and Policy and a summer associate at Thompson Coburn LLP. “WashU and St. Louis have been very good to me,” he says, and it’s an investment he hopes to return in service. By leveraging his WashU education to serve others, he’ll fulfill his great-grandmother’s vision. “She always told me, ‘You need to go further [through education] … and use what you learn to make a difference.’”

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