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  • Enable students to put their graduate education to its fullest use. Lower debt allows our graduate students to choose careers that reflect their skills and aspirations, not their loan payments.
  • Help us attract the most competitive candidates for graduate study and research, which in turn draws outstanding faculty to our programs and upholds WashU’s strength and reputation as a whole.
  • Free up resources our schools use for financial aid, allowing them to reallocate those dollars to academic programs, experiential learning opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities, and more.

Jenna Bennett

Class of 2026, School of Medicine

Fulfilling a desire to make a lasting impact

Jenna Bennett has been poised to give back to underserved communities since childhood. Raised by a single mother, Jenna witnessed firsthand the vital role support systems play in the lives of young children, working moms, and rural laborers. Her small-town physician fulfilled one of these roles and kindled an early ambition in Jenna to pursue medicine.

At WashU, mentorship, kindness, compassion: It’s all part of our education.

Jenna Bennett

Now in her second year at WashU’s School of Medicine, Jenna is well on her way toward achieving that vocation.

“I’ve known for a long time helping underserved patients was my calling.  At WashU, mentorship, kindness, compassion: It’s all part of our education,” Jenna says.

As a first-generation medical student, Jenna once more recognized the power of community at WashU. She has invaluable mentors to guide her and the support of a generous scholarship to smooth her path.

“Financial debt won’t determine what specialty I pursue or where I live and practice. Soon, I will be able to serve patients in the communities I care about, where my life’s work will matter most,” says Jenna.

We define the future by investing in her