Ever wondered why the Annual fund is so important?

The WashU Annual Fund provides support that fuels the teaching, learning, research, and achievement happening across the university every day.

Strength in numbers

The Annual Fund supports professorships, scholarships, student research, classroom technology, and so much more. It also enables university leadership to act on immediate or changing needs and address unforeseen challenges. In fact, Annual Fund dollars significantly bridge the gap between tuition and the full cost of a WashU education.​

Unlike the university’s endowment, the Annual Fund is built with both large and small gifts from thousands of donors that are pooled together for everyday, urgent expenses. The fund then returns to a zero balance at the start of each fiscal year (July 1) and is replenished throughout the year by alumni, parents, and friends.

Most important, the Annual Fund ensures flexible resources are available for nearly everything that makes the WashU experience extraordinary—from scholarships and fellowships to experiential learning opportunities to career counseling to team uniforms.

WashU sets a new
record in 2024!

Washington University celebrated its second annual university-wide Giving Day on April 10, 2024. We set a new record for the most gifts made to WashU in a single day with over 5,100 donors.

three students celebrating first week of school

Going above and beyond for students

WashU strives to meet students where they are and provide them the support they need to pursue every opportunity, realize their full potential, and shape our world. To improve student access and success, Washington University has launched Make Way: Our Student Initiative.

Allie, Ella, and David Levy

Supporting the WashU family

David Levy, AB ’03, and his wife, Allie established the annual Myra Sue Levy Scholarship in honor of David’s mother, who died from breast cancer when he was 17.

Did you know?
  • Last year, Annual Fund gifts of $100 or less combined to total $1.5 million in support.
  • In 2021-22, 14,613 alumni had made gifts to WashU for two or more consecutive years.
every gift makes an impact!
Individual actions may not seem like they’re making a difference, but they quickly create change when combined. Rebecca, BS ’08, and CJ Vincent,
McKelvey School of Engineering scholarship donors