Join your Class Gift Committee

As a committee member, you’ll connect with your classmates and ask for their help in reaching our Class Gift goal. Our combined Class Gift commemorates our Reunion year and provides resources that will have a positive impact on current and future students.

We know a large percentage of our classmates are not able to attend in-person Reunion. The Class Gift allows alumni from around the world to participate in this milestone anniversary and committee members help us get the word out!

Class of 1977 Gift Committee

Michele Kemp, AB ’77, MD ’81, co-chair
Jamie Young, AB ’77


Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 1977 meet its goal, and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.

Snag these grab-and-go essentials for your outdoor adventures by making a gift to the Annual Fund. For your contribution of $15, we’ll send you a Washington University tote bag. Or give $50, and you’ll receive a tote-and-tumbler* combo! Hurry, there’s a limited number available.  Gifts of all amounts make a difference. In fact, contributions of $100 or less added up to $1.7 million last year. Those resources helped WashU create scholarships, improve academic programs, recruit and retain distinguished faculty, facilitate groundbreaking research, and much more.  

Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Nancy Lieberman Abeles 
Sari Goorland Agatston
Arthur S. Agatston, M.D. 
A. E. Aub III
Samuel A. Bastien IV
James M. Benedek 
David A. Bernstein 
Debra Zahay Blatz 
Kenneth A. Boroson 
Bonnie Brabec 
Brenda Duckworth Bradford 
Stephen L. Brown 
Jeffrey M. Brown 
Stuart Brown & Sandra DeJong
Susan Brunell 
Briley Burgess-Smith 
Stephanie Butler-Fallahi 
Peter B. Calkins 
Po K. Chang 
Linda Zelinsky Chapman 
Donna Cohen 
Kenneth J. Cooper 
Margaret Crosby 
Kevin C. Crowell 
Laura Katz Cutler 
Ronnie E. Dixon 
Marzell E. Dixon 
Lawrence W. Doerr  *
Hazel & Arnold Donald 
David F. Ertz 
Susan Faier 
Craig S. Feronti 
David  Fischer 
Susan Fox 
Cathy Friedman 
Janine Plotkin Garner 
Alan  Garten 
David J. Gelfand 
Jeffrey T. Gilbert 
Ginny Beth Sykes
Celeste Gooch 
Elizabeth Gordon 
Steve P. Grossman 
Gail Grossman 
H. P. Grossman 
Julia Gwinn 
John S. Haley 
Sandra Barr Hammond 
Helen Henry 
Timothy S. Herder 
Darryl A. Higuchi 
John L. Hinton Jr.
Evelyn Moutseous Hinton 

Cheryl Hirsch-Ginsberg 
Kurt H. Horton 
Dorothy Roy Horton 
Judith Iglarsh 
Glenn Y. Ishioka 
Daryl L. Jacobs 
Donald J. Jacobs 
Ann Scherl Jacobs 
Ismail  Jatoi 
Katherine Jennes-Kahn 
Mattie Jones  *
Steven A. Kahn 
Gordon R. & Marcia Kanofsky 
Michael A. Karaffa 
Michele Kemp 
Lori Eisenberg Kilberg 
Lynne Kipnis 
Mary Kissane 
Mark J. Komen 
Bernard S. Kramer 
Konrad W. Krawczyk 
James D. Leach 
Perry O. Lee 
Donald N. Leibner 
Judith Leise 
Steven M. Levin 
Marjie Orenstein Levy 
Mark A. Levy 
Robert W. Lewis 
Dr. Geoffrey & Shari Ling 
Nancy Liskar 
Stephen Lockhart & Karen Bals 
Mary Lowery 
Cheryl Birkner Mack 
Michael A. Malachowski 
Janet Shields Maloney 
Karen & Mitch Margo 
Richard P. & Yasuko S. Mattione 
Diane Reiser Mautner 
Bradley E. Mautner 
Robert S. McKinnell 
Mary Migas 
Genell Miller 
Mary Jones Modzelewski 
Heidi Carmel Moskowitz 
Mark H. Needle 
Jeffrey J. Neil 
Wendy Oldstein 
Jim  Olvera 
Jill Petschek 
Jerrold M. Peven 
Richard M. Plutzer 
Susan Sieman Plutzer 

Adeen Fefferman Postar 
Diane Norfleet Quintana 
Cary D. Radcliffe 
Jamie Reich-Freedman 
Marilyn Rose 
Andrew M. Rosenfeld 
Dr. & Mrs. Alan Routman 
Audrey Rubinstein-Buntman 
Joel L. Rush 
David M. Saltz 
Yona Greisman Saunders 
Lynn M. Schlager 
Henry S. Schneiderman 
Michael C. Schoenfeldt 
Philip  Schultze 
Russell Schwartz & Susan Goland 
Michael  Sear 
Burch  Seymour 
Kate Dundes Shattan & Thomas Shattan 
Peter R. Shepley 
Sheri Simon-Cupkovic 
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Simowitz 
Laura Smith 
Vicki Rosen Soukup 
Leonard G. Spiegel 
Barry A. Stein 
Sidney H. Stein 
Randa Yager Suher 
Laura Sunn 
Paul J. Svigals 
Lawrence E. Thomas 
Debra Goldman Title 
Nicola Truppin 
Leslie Flum Uljee 
Jonathan S. Waranch 
Blanche Watson 
John D. Westerheide III
Rhonda Leighton Weston 
Robin Wilson 
Marion Converse Winkler 
Jill Kalishman Winters 
Arthur I. Wolf 
June Kleinfeld Wolff 
Jeffery D. Wyatt 
Jamie Young 
Elaine Young 
Simon M. Yu 
Walter F. Zoller