Join your Reunion Committee

As a committee member, you’ll connect with classmates and ask for their help in reaching your Class Gift goal. Class Gifts commemorate your reunion year and provide resources that will have a positive impact on current and future students.

We know a large percentage of classmates are not able to attend in-person reunion. The Class Gift allows alumni from around the world to participate in this milestone anniversary, and committee members help us get the word out!


Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 1967 meet its goal, and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.

Snag these grab-and-go essentials for your outdoor adventures by making a gift to the Annual Fund. For your contribution of $15, we’ll send you a Washington University tote bag. Or give $50, and you’ll receive a tote-and-tumbler* combo! Hurry, there’s a limited number available.  Gifts of all amounts make a difference. In fact, contributions of $100 or less added up to $1.7 million last year. Those resources helped WashU create scholarships, improve academic programs, recruit and retain distinguished faculty, facilitate groundbreaking research, and much more.  

Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Doris Taterka Abrams 
Mary Petchaft Adelman 
Robert P. Arp 
Joseph R. Atkin 
Carol Friedman Atkin 
Howard  Augustus 
C. R. Baird 
Joyce Gudiswitz Banovz 
Lawrence N. Barron 
Robert F. Baylis 
Anna Behrensmeyer 
Helaine Schwartz Betnun 
Merrily Copeland Beyreuther 
James N. Bierman 
Carol Sheets Bigham 
Robert B. & Mary R. Black 
Tsvi S. Blanchard 
Jon S. Blechman 
Kathleen Suessdorf Blevins 
Jay E. Bloom 
Marshall E. Bloom 
Helen Elsom Bobrove 
Loretta Bonacker Boemler 
Frederick W. Brickenkamp 
Robert C. Brouk 
Morris C. Brown 
Richard M. Brown 
Linda Cannon 
Susan Schmidt Capozella 
Bruce V. Carp 
Richard N. Chapman 
Donald S. Cohen 
Marcia & John Mike  Cohen 
Robert A. Cohn 
James H. Collins 
John  Craib-Cox 
Kathianne Knaup Crane 
Cynthia Cummings 
Philip B. Devries Jr.
Robert W. Duffy 
Abigail Dunn 
Suren G. Dutia 
David C. Frame 
Virginia Peak Friedman 
Chris Fromboluti 
Jeanne Geisel-Sorrell 
Barry A. Gersick 
Peter M. Gilchrist 
Katherine Van Wessem Goerss 
Jean Landau Graf 
Michael S. Green 

Gail Bronstein Grosman 
Alan I. Grus 
Barry R. Habib 
Nedra Patison Hadley 
Neil S. Handelman 
William R. Hauk 
Robert S. Hays 
Emil H. Henning III
Frederick W. Hill 
Kent W. Hirschfelder 
Marjorie Myles Ivey 
Marjorie Johnson 
Wade  Kennedy 
David H. King 
Randa Nesmith Klasskin 
Richard L. Klein 
Gordon M. Koizumi 
George L. Lamborn 
Andrea Finck Lawrence 
Alicia Leff 
Lewis A. & Leslee F. Levey 
Gloria & John Levin 
Bette Rappoport Levine 
Neil B. Levitt 
Gary L. Liberson 
Stanley L. Lipshultz 
Patricia Byrn Litow 
Victoria Boyd Lonergan 
Rodney A. Lorenz 
Barry I. Ludwig 
Michael C. Lund 
Dennis W. Lutz 
Harold L. Mack 
Ms. Peggy MacKnight 
James L. Markert 
John W. Matthews 
Paul J. McKee Jr.
Frances Luce Millard 
Geoffrey  Monge 
Ralph J. Nagel 
Trish M. Nagel
John A. Nelke 
Toby Bachrach Newman 
Tedi Shinberg Osias 
Carl S. Otto 
Jan K. Peterson 
Beverly Schultz Pieper 
Joan Shadur Pinsky 
Ms. Barbara (Bunny) Rosen Palmer
Mr. Henry M. Polmer 

Karl F. Putman 
Bruce H. Rabinovitz 
Sherry Matlof Raffin 
Judith Reinhardt 
Nathan H. Rosenthal 
Jay W. Roston 
Lawrence S. Rothman 
Laurel Swiryn Rothman 
Sandy  Rothschild 
Philip E. Sachs 
Marcia Grossman Salzman 
Lester O. Sarniguet 
Marcia H. Schaefer 
Gary A. Scheinkman 
Betty Stevens Schermen 
Bruce W. Schermen 
Judy Friedman Schnitzer 
Susan Burge-Schotters 
Bernard & Nancy Schotters
Stewart & Bette Schuster 
Pepper Schwartz 
Jay E. Selman 
Don R. Sherman 
Michael S. Sherry 
David L. Shores 
Barbara Moore Soule 
John L. Stein 
Thomas F. Steiniger 
Sandra Schoening Stern 
Gary H. & Mary K. Stern 
Steven & Marilyn Teitelbaum 
Frederic  Teitelbaum 
Michael J. Toney 
Lane  Trefftzs 
Barbara Trumbull 
Kay Hirschtritt Tuch 
Dennis D. Uchimoto 
Robert W. Vondera 
Erica Dakin Voolich 
Renata Jaeger Walz  *
Sanford I. Wax 
Frederick M. Weinhaus 
Joseph G. Weiss Jr.
Ralph C. Wiedner 
Stanley B. Woll 
Natalie Klausman Young 
Raymond C. Zimmermann