Join your Reunion Committee

As a committee member, you’ll connect with classmates and ask for their help in reaching your Class Gift goal. Class Gifts commemorate your reunion year and provide resources that will have a positive impact on current and future students.

We know a large percentage of classmates are not able to attend in-person reunion. The Class Gift allows alumni from around the world to participate in this milestone anniversary, and committee members help us get the word out!


Jennifer DixonAdministrative Assistant, Reunion Class Gift Program

Not sure where you want to designate your gift? Your gift or pledge of any amount will help the Class of 1962 meet its goal, and you choose the school, scholarship, or program that is most meaningful to you.

Snag these grab-and-go essentials for your outdoor adventures by making a gift to the Annual Fund. For your contribution of $15, we’ll send you a Washington University tote bag. Or give $50, and you’ll receive a tote-and-tumbler* combo! Hurry, there’s a limited number available.  Gifts of all amounts make a difference. In fact, contributions of $100 or less added up to $1.7 million last year. Those resources helped WashU create scholarships, improve academic programs, recruit and retain distinguished faculty, facilitate groundbreaking research, and much more.  

Honor Roll

Washington University is pleased to recognize the special support of your classmates. If you would like to add your name to this list by making a contribution to your Class Gift, contact the Reunion Class Gift Office at 877-215-2727, option 3, or make your gift online today.

Stephen N. Abend 
Amelia Massman Allen 
Margaret Stephens Anderson 
Kent F. Armbruster 
Mary Murphy Baker 
Dr. Richard H. Bard & Jane Maloney Bard   
H. D. Baru 
David L. Bayliss 
William C. Blasberg 
Jerrold  Blumoff 
Barbara Hatcher Boelling 
Susan Kessler Boxerman 
Steven M. Brown 
Eugene E. Brull 
David R. Cartwright 
Melvin H. Checkett 
Louis G. Chiodini 
Roscoe B. Clark III
Judith Cromwell 
Sheila Davis 
Norah Deakin Davis 
Joan Wurth De Francesco 
Paul M. Denk 
Barbara Barrett Dethlefson 
Alan E. Dewoskin 
Carol Kent Diggs 
Penny Pate Dillon 
Richard T. Duemler 
Nancy Mylar Evans 
Thomas T. Evans 
Judith Fischer Evans 
Robert P. Fanter 
Bruce S. Feldacker 
Warren C. Flynn Jr.
Alexandra Buchan Geer 
Marilyn Goldwasser 
Millicent Rotman Graff 
W. K. Haisty Jr.
David A. Hanks 
Charles K. Harmon 
Joel B. Harris 
Wayne J. Harrison 
Roland B. Hawkins Jr.

Connie Hickman 
Lee R. Hougen 
William M. Hull 
James I. Hunter III
John H. Jackson 
LaVerne Buescher Janson 
Ronald J. Jung 
Michael J. Kearney 
Irvine  Knepper 
Richard B. Knight 
Simon L. Koski 
Marsha Rosenblatt Koski 
William A. Landers Jr.
Robert & Temma Lapin 
Georgia Hodge Laroche 
Christopher C. Layton 
Gary G. Lazaroff 
Sally Holz Lehman 
Ned & Sally Lemkemeier 
John L. Leonard 
Robert O. Little 
Judith Phelps Little 
Sylvia Cordes Lohkamp 
Shirley Speckhals Love 
Martha Tanaka Maesaka 
Kenneth D. Makovsky 
Judith Lefkowitz Malman 
Ed D. Marshall 
Barry F. Maycock 
William D. McCart 
Michael M. McCarthy 
David J. McLaughlin 
John L. Meers 
Elizabeth Brokaw Metcalfe 
Bette Boyce Miller 
Robert E. Moreillon 
Allen R. Morganstern 
William W. Morgenthaler 
George P. Mueller 
Jack A. Patterson 
David A. Pfaff 
Dr. & Mrs.* Richard E. Pinckert 
Barbara Langfeld Poger 

Thomas J. Prendergast Jr.
Catherine Knox Quay 
William R. Rayburn 
Allen N. Reeves 
Richard A. Reeves 
Martha McAllister Reichman 
Charles W. Rimmer Jr.
Carl F. Ritter 
Roger O. Roberds 
Travis L. Roberts 
John L. Roeder 
Richard M. Roessler 
Adrienne Gallop Rosen 
Sharon Schear Schomer 
John F. Schroeder CPCU
Noelene Estes Self 
Sylvia Raskas Silver 
Carole Kornblum Simon 
Raymond E. Skubiz 
Stephen E. Snitzer 
Thomas J. Sondag 
Roy N. Sonomura 
Johann Candiano Stallings 
Kendall  Stallings 
Donna Ahlert Thomas 
Mary Schaefer Thompson 
Judith Brining Thorpe 
John & Susan Tomich 
Richard A. Vandegrift 
Bruce J. Walz 
Cynthia Weese FAIA 
Ronald E. Wehrmann 
Helen Campbell Weise 
David H. Whitcomb 
Ellen Schneider White 
Yvonne Lo Woo 
Robert R. Young MD
Arnold B. Zetcher