Amplify your impact on the lives of Washington University students.

An endowed scholarship is a profoundly meaningful way to give a hand up to hardworking, ambitious students—and the communities and organizations they go on to serve. As the corpus of your scholarship fund grows over time, so will the payout, empowering your fund to support more and more students over the years, decades, and beyond. Endowed scholarships are considered permanent resources that last for as long as the university endures.

Dedicated WashU couple Lee, BSBA ’02, and Lauren Fixel have committed $2.5 million to help endowed scholarship donors increase their impact.

About the challenge

Here’s how the challenge works. For donors who want to establish a new university scholarship that is named and endowed, the Fixels’ Catalyst Challenge will match 25% of gifts starting at $200,000, with a match limit of $200,000 per gift. Those matching funds will go directly into your scholarship endowment, giving its growth a head start to best serve WashU undergraduates.

Lauren and Lee Fixel


Pamella HensonExecutive Vice Chancellor, University Advancement

Take advantage of this extraordinary giving challenge before matching funds run out.

Your giftChallenge providesTotal contribution
When your scholarship is endowed, your gift is invested in WashU’s world-class endowment, with an annual investment payout of around 4% going to support your scholarship student or students. The WashU Investment Management Company sets the specific payout rate each year, with the aim of best serving students both immediately and in the future.

“A bright mind, the willingness to dedicate oneself to meaningful goals, and demonstrated talent are all hallmarks of exceptional students and citizens. The ability to finance a college education is not.”

Chancellor Andrew D. Martin